Monique Davis


Monique currently serves as the Membership Director for the Mississippi Museum of Art whose mission is to engage Mississippians in the visual arts. Monique is responsible for creating an environment where visitors can deeply engage with the art. The Museum is also committed to broadening membership to reflect the community it serves. She is an Artist, Organizer and Connector of people and ideas. In November 2015, Monique I was selected from a field of 100 candidates, by the United States Department of Arts and Culture, to represent Mississippi as a Cultural Agent. The mission of a Cultural Agent is to cultivate empathy thru art, culture and storytelling. Monique currently serves,as the Treasurer of the Executive Committee for Alternate Roots, and is committed to ensuring its future financial stability.

Relevant Projects

I developed a "Cultural Imagining" in Jackson MS in June 2016, which celebrated creating welcoming spaces with stories and art.


Alternate Roots, USDAC, MS Musuem of Art


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