Building Buy-In 4 Glam Spaces

Glam Space was not a term I had heard used before. kYm Keeton shared that this is the concept of “turning free space into art spaces”.  Doing this with flare, making it attractive, will draw the community to the space.  On college campuses it can become a great feat to accomplish glam spaces as politics present challenges.  This session was a great think tank on how to navigate administrations for glam spaces.  We also looked at progressing open space with Vera Warren-Williams by looking at the many possibilities open space presents in her book center.  This discussion gave food for thought regarding all the different open spaces around us that can be used to bring art into various aspects of community.DSC_0402




Data is People

Frameworks of Guidance for Digital Projects that deal with Human Communities

This document represents the initial outcomes of a conversation about the kinds of questions that digital project managers and planners should consider as they are beginning a project that includes data and materials that touch on human communities.

It is only a beginning, and the members of the session eagerly encourage comments, questions, additions, and edits to the document.

Please consider the draft and join our effort produce a set of questions of guidelines that will help to more explicitly address the ethical issues that are so frequently at play in our digital cultural heritage work.