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Jon Voss is the Strategic Partnerships Director at Historypin (, a global non-profit project that is creating innovative ways to help people build community around local history through intergenerational and intercultural community memory. He's helping to build an open ecosystem of historical data across libraries, archives, and museums worldwide through his work with Historypin and as the co-founder of the International Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives & Museum Summit. Jon leads Historypin’s participation in national and international collaborative efforts throughout North and South America and Australia.

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We're excited to share some of the work we've been doing to support and enable community memory and sharing events and democratizing history. We also really want to dig into wider strategy initiatives and how we can support cultural equity, particularly in smaller institutions that are using Historypin.




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Cultural Heritage & Social Change Summit: One Year On

We’ve just published Nothing About Us Without Us, a retrospective report about the Cultural Heritage and Social Change Summit and it’s main themes one year later.

Download the Full Report

The document summarizes some of the core findings of the Summit–themes that have also arisen in many other cultural heritage conferences and meetings over the past year:

  • Safe Space for Disruptive Dialogue
  • Funding for Transformative Gatherings
  • Equitable and Ethical Collaboration
  • Diversifying Technology Production in Cultural Heritage Spaces
  • Integrating Community Archives Into Traditional Cultural Heritage Spaces
  • Social Innovation and Rethinking Goals and Objectives in the Cultural Heritage Sector

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the Summit, our co-organizers at Southern University at New Orleans MA in Museum Studies Program, the organizing committee and co-contributors in the report, especially Haitham Eid, Bergis Jules, Natasha Varner, and Archon Editing.

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Sunpie Barnes and Studio Be on Friday Night

20160402_194951If you’re in town Friday and looking for some things to do, I highly recommend making your way out to the Bywater and checking out Studio Be to see the amazing work of Brandan “BMike” Odums, whose work is featured on our site (they are open Wed-Sat 2pm-8pm, $10 admission). And if you go a little further into the Bywater, you can check out our friends at the Music Box–an incredible music experience and it’s their opening weekend featuring the amazing Sunpie Barnes ($20 advance tickets). I’ll be at the 8:30pm show and hope you can join us! Of course there are plenty of ways to support local music and arts, including many of our partner and delegate organizations too!

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Bus Schedule


As you know, this is a grassroots effort, so we’re not doing fancy busses, but we’ll get you there. We can’t promise an Anthony Davis sighting, but we can promise we’ll be rolling in style in a New Orleans School Bus.

If you’re staying at either of the MCN hotels, the AC Marriott is just around the corner away from the Quarter.

Here’s the driving schedule below:

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016
Pick-up Time: 7:00 AM @ AC Marriott Hotel
221 Carondelet St.

Pick-up Time: 7:30 AM @Hampton Inn
1201 Convention Center Blvd., NOLA 70130

Drop-off Location: Leonard Washington Memorial Library
6400 Press Drive NOLA 70126 (SUNO)

Return Time: 5:30 PM
Return Location, AC Marriott Hotel & Hampton Inn
( after Hampton Inn drop-off, please wait 10 minutes)
Return to Marriott Hotel & Hampton Inn to pick-up customers

Drop-off Location: Blue Nile
532 Frenchmen Street (Final Stop)

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2016
Pick-up Time: 7:00 AM @ AC Marriott Hotel 221 Carondelet St. NOLA 70130
Pick-up Time: 7:30 @Hampton Inn 1201 Convention Center Blvd., NOLA 70130
Drop-off Location: Leonard Washington Memorial Library 6400 Press Drive NOLA 70126 (SUNO)

Return Time: 3:00 PM Return Location: AC Marriott Hotel & Hampton Inn

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Updating your bio info

This is just a quick post to give you some details about updating your biographical info and avatar on the site. We’ll be putting this info into booklets for delegates, so in order to make that deadline, your bio will need to be updated by 8pm Wednesday Nov 2, New Orleans time.

If you did not receive or have lost your login and password info, you can first try to reset it here. If that fails, please email us at

Because of how we imported your bio info, we are not using the more obvious field for bio below, which is why this is blank. You’ll only have a photo appear here if you have connected your email address to Gravatar. If you don’t know what that means, it’s ok, there’s another way to add a profile photo below.


Instead, we’re using a custom field below, which is not so pretty, but if you write it in any text editing program, you can just paste it in here.


Also, you can upload another bio picture to use toward the bottom of your profile page, as you see below. When you’re done, don’t forget to click the button that says “update profile.”


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Opening the Space


We’re excited to launch the new site and officially open the space to come together Nov 5-6. I’ve had a lot of questions about what people can prepare, and the short answer is: not much. This is not a typical conference in that there are no formal presentations, no panels, etc. This is about sharing our ideas and working together to address issues at the intersection of cultural heritage and social change. The only exception is 1 hr in which everyone is welcome to give a 2 minute lightning talk about your work. We’ll either do this at lunch or end of the first day… still tbd. You can read more about the methodology in the about section.

On this site, you can meet the delegates, begin posting session ideas, figure out roommates or rideshares, and begin sharing resources for fellow delegates.

As you can see, we have an amazing group assembling for two days. This has been a major grassroots effort and I want to thank the organizing committee and all of the sponsor and partner organizations that have come together to make this happen, and help us provide over $20k in travel grants! While there are no more travel grants available, we do have a few delegate seats open, so we’ll be keeping registration open until we’ve filled those.