Cultural Heritage & Social Change Summit: One Year On

We’ve just published Nothing About Us Without Us, a retrospective report about the Cultural Heritage and Social Change Summit and it’s main themes one year later.

Download the Full Report

The document summarizes some of the core findings of the Summit–themes that have also arisen in many other cultural heritage conferences and meetings over the past year:

  • Safe Space for Disruptive Dialogue
  • Funding for Transformative Gatherings
  • Equitable and Ethical Collaboration
  • Diversifying Technology Production in Cultural Heritage Spaces
  • Integrating Community Archives Into Traditional Cultural Heritage Spaces
  • Social Innovation and Rethinking Goals and Objectives in the Cultural Heritage Sector

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the Summit, our co-organizers at Southern University at New Orleans MA in Museum Studies Program, the organizing committee and co-contributors in the report, especially Haitham Eid, Bergis Jules, Natasha Varner, and Archon Editing.