ChE (gender pronoun- they/ them/ their) is an award winning artivist, transformational educator, and equity consultant. ChE uses the power of culturally grounded wellness, arts-based community engagement, and ancestral healing to build sustainable models of living. As a proud Queer Mixed/ Black/ Native American artivist, ChE applies their unique framework of Afro-Indigenous Liberatory Practice* to race and gender justice trainings, Black Lives Matter organizing, and multi-disciplinary art activism. As a director/ choreographer, ChE's work is robust with gospel sounds and soulful movement of the African Diaspora—fusing Black Modern Dance* with multi-generational storytelling, ritual, and interactive installation.

Relevant Projects

#DignityInProcess A pilot for Afro-Indigenous Liberatory Practice*, #DignityInProcess is a multidisciplinary platform in response to the Black Lives Matter movement merging art activism, ancestral healing, and intersectional identity evolution within the Afro-Indigenous Diaspora. Bringing together movement, ritual, storytelling, and collective artmaking, #DignityInProcess draws upon the practices that have sourced the resilience of our ancestors for generations. Gathering Wisdom Councils of Mixed Race, African-Native American, and Creole elders, multi-generational conversations lay the foundation for embodied accountability to sustain a movement of Black Liberation. Afro-futures emerge through this series of site-specific performances, arts-based direct actions, and community workshops celebrating the dignity of Black evolution. Learn more at


Artist/ Activist/ Cultural Equity Consultant


United States