R. Elon Cook

Elon Cook is humanities director of the Robins House, which interprets the life of a formerly enslaved African American Revolutionary War Veteran and three generations of his descendants, including farm laborers, and racial justice advocates. She is also the program manager and curator for the Center for Reconciliation and its future slavery museum. She is a genealogist and Brown University trained public historian who uses workshops, interpretation trainings, walking tours and exhibitions to engage the public with forgotten or erased elements of American history. Elon loves engaging the public with difficult historical narratives, and changing minds one conversation at a time.

Relevant Projects

Costumed interpretation as protest on contested ground - project includes #TaneyMustFall. Ellen Garrison: Educator, Racial Justice Advocate, Daughter of Concord - historic house exhibition. Interpreting slavery trainings for historic house and site interpreters. Forms of Enslaved Resistance class. College Hill and the International Slave Trade - walking tour. "Freedom For All?" a multipart program using costumed interpreters to help audiences connect the Declaration of Independence with Frederick Douglass' "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July" and 5 historical and modern racial justice movements led by people of color.


The Robbins House & The Center for Reconciliation




United States