Jayeesha Dutta

Jayeesha Dutta is a tri-coastal artivist scholar pursuing a doctorate at the University of New Orleans researching the intersection of the creative third space, relationship building and social change in a cross-cultural geographic context. She recently co-founded the Radical Arts and Healing Collective, an intersectional arts-based direct action and healing support movement space in the Upper 9th Ward of New Orleans. She is a proud board member of Big Class, co-chair of the Alternate ROOTS visual arts working group, cultural organizing coordinator for Gulf Future Coalition. Jayeesha's artistic mediums include photography, painting, Theater of the Oppressed and social praxis. She is an avid traveler, home chef and lover of live music.

Relevant Projects

Another Gulf Is Possible Just Transition Collaborative


Radical Arts and Healing Collective


Gallery, Other NGO or Non-Profit, Academic, Research


United States