Nick Slie

Nick Slie is a New Orleans-based performer, producer and cultural organizer that works with his company, Mondo Bizarro, to use art as a tool for understanding what makes us commonly human and individually unique. Nick’s creative endeavors range from interdisciplinary solo performances to large-scale community festivals, from innovative digital storytelling projects to site-responsive productions. Since 2002, his wide array of imaginative projects such as "Flight" (2007-2011), "Loup Garou" (2009-Present), "Race Peace" (2008-Present) and "Cry You One" (2013-Present), have been experienced in art centers, universities and outdoor locations in 34 states across the country and occasionally abroad.

Relevant Projects

Cry You One, Race Peace, The Way at Midnight, I Witness Central City, The People's Tricentenial


Co-Artistic Director


Archive, Humanities, Consortia and Networks, Other NGO or Non-Profit