Jessica Anne Bratt


Jessica Anne Liddell is a newly minted Branch Manager. She began a partnership between the public schools and public libraries, which won national awards and was recently named a 2016 Library Journal Mover & Shaker. She met Amita Lonial and expressed interest in working on a common goal toward social justice in public librarianship.

Relevant Projects

We are part of a team that launched a site where we wanted to launch a call to action unifying library efforts and demonstrating our unequivocal professional commitment to social justice and equity. In providing access to information and resources we wanted to further delve into these questions of: What role can libraries play to address systemic racial injustice and implicit personal bias? What needs to change within our libraries, campuses and associations? How can the library serve as a platform for communities seeking to pull back the veil so that we may all engage in social transformation? We wanted to put all our theories in the form of social change into practice and what that would look like for libraries.


Grand Rapids Public Library/Libraries4BlackLives